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Best Ukuleles Under $100 (Quick Reviews for 2021)

Best Ukuleles Under $100

When it comes to music, everyone wants in on it. The average Jane and Joe doesn’t just want to listen to music, they want to play it. Nearly everybody wants to play something like piano, guitar, drums, or of course the wonderful ukulele. Because so many folks long to be musicians, the music instrument industry is booming. Which means the market is flooded with lots and lots of low price and low quality instruments. In a way it was bound to happen, most students start and quickly give up. They make a perfect market for cheap ukes. This is the main reason why you want to be careful if you have too low of a budget. If you can be patient and save, we also have an article of the best ukuleles under $200. In this case you will get a much higher quality.

Because the market is so flooded, you have to really pay attention when buying a ukulele for under $100.
It is possible to find a ukulele that is cheap but good, there are a few decent brands out there that have pretty decent deals. However, these are quick factory made items right off the line which means quality varies. If you don’t buy a good ukulele you run the risk of certain failure due to a flawed product. To find the best ukulele under $100 you will need to do a little research, especially of customer reviews. The best sizes to start on as a beginner are the soprano and concert, but if you wish to get a tenor or baritone, it is your choice. Here we have chosen three ukuleles that are suitable and playable for a beginner. Remember as a beginner any ukulele you order should have a return policy, that way if any problems occur you won’t be stuck!

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6 Best Ukuleles Under $200 (Quick Reviews for 2021)

Best Ukuleles Under $200

This is really about the best budget you can have when looking for a ukulele. Beginners, intermediate, and even advanced students can all find what they need at roughly the $200 price. Ukuleles are not complicated instruments; they do not have as much string tension which keeps the building, labor, and price down. There are a bazillion ukulele makers out there, and not only because of popularity but also from having a pretty basic product. This is good news as you have a lot of selections, bad news in that it can all seem overwhelming to find a good inexpensive ukulele.

As you move up in price one of the key features that changes is the wood. At lower prices it is laminated wood and at higher prices the wood is solid. Solid wood is what you want, and of course better sounding tone woods in general. If you read a lot of customer reviews, you will see the ukuleles under $100 are a world apart from the best ukuleles under $200. Of course at the $200 price you can still get a problematic uke, in general though you will find a great instrument that projects and sounds wonderful. Below we have put together a list of some of the best ukuleles under $200. 

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Best Ukulele Brands for Intermediate and Advanced Players in 2021

Best Ukuleles for Intermediate and Advanced Players

So you are no longer a novice at the ukulele or playing music, and it’s time to move to a better instrument. When you are a beginner it can be difficult to explain intonation, action, and general playability of a ukulele, but after plenty of practice you now get what to look for. When you are looking for the best midrange ukulele or the best professional ukulele you know your budget must be higher and your patience greater. Low end ukuleles are pretty much all the same so its not the end of the world to jump right in, but in this case,  you will want to take extra time on your decision. 

Clearly the best ukuleles for beginners will not always be the same best ukuleles for intermediate players! You will be looking for much better tone woods and solid wood especially. It will also be important to have the ukulele setup and highly inspected! A professional ukulele for sale will not just come off the factory assembly line and straight to the warehouse, a pricey uke needs human attention. Another aspect an advanced player needs to look into is aesthetics and style. As a beginner ukulele player looks are not as important, only playability and good sound. There is also a good chance you will be playing for an audience, so you want something with ornamentation or a pleasant design. Below we will show some examples of some great ukuleles for the advanced musician.

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7 Best Ukuleles for Beginners in 2021. Quick Reviews of Starter Kits (Bundle Packs)

Best Ukuleles for Beginners

As a novice musician your goal is to give an instrument a try, without breaking the bank. In fact, you want the amount to be as low as possible that way if you don’t like it than hey no harm done to the pocketbook. A cheap ukulele for a beginner is very easy to find, but you don’t want to go to low. Luckily ukuleles are affordable instruments so even a great starter ukulele won’t break the bank. Even if you are a potential musician with money to spend (lucky you! 🤟) it’s not necessary to get crazy with your spending.

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10 Best Ukuleles in 2021: top uke brands and popular types

Best Ukuleles

When buying any instrument it is always wise to spend the right amount, if you go too low there is a good chance it will not be a playable instrument.

Luckily ukuleles have always been rather affordable, in fact if you look at vintage ads and adjust the prices for inflation, things haven’t changed much. There has always been a middle range price that will usually leave you with the best ukulele to leave a smile on your face. Of course it’s still true the more you spend the better chance you have of finding a high quality ukulele.

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