When it comes to music, everyone wants in on it. The average Jane and Joe doesn’t just want to listen to music, they want to play it. Nearly everybody wants to play something like piano, guitar, drums, or of course the wonderful ukulele. Because so many folks long to be musicians, the music instrument industry is booming. Which means the market is flooded with lots and lots of low price and low quality instruments. In a way it was bound to happen, most students start and quickly give up. They make a perfect market for not expensive ukes. This is the main reason why you want to be careful if you have too low of a budget. If you can be patient and save, we also have an article of the best ukuleles under $200. In this case you will get a much higher quality.

Because the market is so flooded, you have to really pay attention when buying a ukulele for $100.
It is possible to find a ukulele that is cheap but good, there are a few decent brands out there that have pretty decent deals. However, these are quick factory made items right off the line which means quality varies. If you don’t buy a quality ukulele you run the risk of certain failure due to a flawed product. To find a uke under $100 you will need to do a little research, especially of customer reviews. The best sizes to start on as a beginner are the soprano and concert, but if you wish to get a tenor or baritone, it is your choice. Here we have chosen three ukuleles that are suitable and playable for a beginner. Remember as a beginner any ukulele you order should have a return policy, that way if any problems occur you won’t be stuck!

Luna Tattoo UkuleleMahogany concert
Traditional Hawaiian ornamentation
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Lohanu LU-T UkuleleSapele/Mahogany tenor
Gig bag, strap buttons, tuner, video lessons
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Caramel CB-500 UkuleleRosewood baritone
Electric acoustic with LCD Display
Gig bag and extra Aquila strings
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Luna Tattoo Ukulele

This Luna is one of the best concert ukuleles for $100. One of the surprising features at this price range is the monochromatic ornamentation. Of course design usually can make a uke cost more, yet here we are still in the $100 range. It is made with laminated mahogany with a satin natural finish, a walnut fretboard, and it comes with a gig bag.  Luna is among the best brands and they make some cheap and quality ukuleles. The design is one the biggest pros or cons for this model, some may like it others maybe not. For those wanting a real Hawaiian uke this sure gives off that vibe. To be honest the artwork and finish make it appear to be worth more than one hundred dollars.

User Reviews

“Beautiful and affordable little ukulele, well worth the extra money over other very low cost ukuleles. It did take a few weeks for it to stay permanently tuned, not a big deal just tuning it every day.

Rosemary M.

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“My daughter ordered this soprano as an upgrade. I wanted to spend more, but unfortunately couldn’t at the time. It didn’t matter this was worth more than it cost. She is happy and satisfied with her little Luna.”

Miguel D.
Luna Ukuleles

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Lohanu LU-T Ukulele

Tenor Size Bundle

This Lohanu is one of the best tenor ukuleles under $100, and it comes with a whole lot of extras. It has the basic laminated mahogany/sapele sound board, two strap buttons, tuner, hanger, video lessons, picks, and just a variety of goodies. Finding a tenor for $100 is a not easy and usually when you do, they are nothing but a cheap uke! However in this case the simple Lohanu tenor actually makes for a good inexpensive ukulele. It’s not too fancy with no artwork or designs, but it gets the job done.

User Reviews

“I initially tried to buy two ukuleles that were awful. I even read not to be too cheap, but I spent around $40 each time. Now by doubling my budget I got this Lohanu tenor ukulele and wow what a difference. The strings are easier to play, and it just sounds so much better. I’ve learned my lesson.”


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“My son wanted to play guitar, but he still is not quite big enough. To make it up to him we decided to buy a nicer ukulele beginner model. After reading all the reviews I saw that folks loved this tenor ukulele, we ordered it, and now he loves it too!”

Pearl W.

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Caramel CB-500 Ukulele

Ok, depending on which website you look at this ukulele can sometimes be a little over $100, but it’s still one of the best cheap baritone ukuleles to buy. Clearly a baritone at this price is not going to be perfect, but if that’s your budget than try it out. The design is definitely out of the ordinary as the sound holes are different and the color darker than usual. It has a unique build using all rosewood, and an LCD display for the electronics and tuner. As if this wasn’t enough it even comes with a gig bag. When it comes to finding the best uke under $100 you don’t usually see baritones, so it is quite amazing this also comes with all the extras! The biggest downside to such a low price baritone is you will likely encounter some flaws when you get it, just hope it isn’t anything to bad.

User Reviews

“What a budget friendly baritone! When I first brought this camping a few other uke payers were there, but I was the only one with a baritone and my uke got the most attention. I didn’t want to say how little it cost for my little Barry!”


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“I wasn’t expecting too much but not only does the baritone sound great, it also sounds good plugged in. If you crave an affordable baritone, try this Caramel as it is totally worth it.”

Michel K.

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How To Buy The Best Budget Ukulele?

  1. Do your research and read reviews before purchasing your new instrument.
  2. Consider what size and type of ukulele you want.
  3. Decide what features are most important to you.
  4. Compare prices from different retailers.
  5. Make sure the ukulele you purchase comes with a warranty.
  6. Check return policies before making your purchase.
  7. Have a budget in mind.
  8. Be patient and take your time when shopping for a cheap ukulele.
  9. Ask for advice from family and friends who have purchased ukuleles before.
  10. Enjoy your new ukulele! ?

If you are bound determined to find ukuleles for cheap than at least heed the advice above. Yes, it is possible to find a cheap but good quality ukulele, however if you look at reviews you will see some people received bad ukes. Honestly even the best cheap ukuleles for $100 will still likely have some flaws. Hopefully these flaws will not affect your playing or scare you away from music thinking you can’t play! A good quality ukulele will always be easy to play and have a great tone, so do your best to increase your budget. ? By doubling your budget you will get a much higher quality with no compromises.


What is the best cheap ukulele to buy?

Some factors to consider when choosing a ukulele include the quality of the construction, the type of wood used, and the overall sound of the instrument. Some of the most popular cheap ukuleles include the Lanikai LU-21, the Kala KA-15, the Lohanu LU-T and the Luna Tattoo.

Where can i buy a cheap ukulele?

Some popular places to start looking for cheap ukuleles include online retailers such as Amazon or eBay. Another option is to buy a ukulele from any big store such as Walmart.